kourinthehunter's Journal

6 October 1983
Ummm, I hate writing these damn things, but enough of my bitching. I'm a 20-something collage student working on an AA in anthropology and working towards a BA in religious/myth study. It's been a long strange trip, and yes, girls do exist on the internet- and we play video games! /gaspshockamaze.
Oh, and I read. A lot. Mercedes Lackey is one of my very favorite authors as is Anne McCaffrey. I'm an avid manga fan- Inuyasha, Naruto, Chobits; frankly I'll pretty much read anything once lol.
I've forgotten more books than most people have read and my claim to fame is the (rather useful) ability to read four times faster than the average person. And remember what I read for a very long time. Collage is a breeze! Haha, just kidding- my int is about average but I can read damn fast!