OMG so cute!!!

Omg, I just finished this manga series called “absolute boyfriend.” It’s kinda like Chobits, but with the genders reversed. It’s so sweet and cute and SAD. It made me cry!

The main character Riiko orders (as a lark) a “boyfriend” with “options” from an online store. The next day she gets the surprise of her life- it’s an actual robot- or what they call a “figure.”  :snicker: To start it up, she has to kiss him, so cute!

And the plot goes on, with her next-door-neighbor Soshi telling her that he is in love with her too. And the newly named Night gets into all sorts of trouble- not the least of which is his price… one MILLION dollars (US)! Riiko only had 3 days for the “free trial” and didn’t know that the trial started the moment Night was delivered to her door- so yeah lol.

I totally recommend this series, it’s only 33 books long (or chapters if you prefer) and I would totally buy it if they sold it in the US. Link is here:

Pissed off Kenshin

In which I am a pansy

Well, I did it.

I finally canceled my WoW account.

Why? Because of the storyline. And I really wish I was kidding. It's too freaking depressing! Evil keeps winning and there seems to be no hope for the future, at all.

That and the fact that Alliance and Horde still hate each other storyline wise. It's getting stupid and is reminding me far too much of current real life events.

And yeah, the constant constant CONSTANT tweakage of the mechanics behind class play were making me TEAR MY HAIR OUT BY THE ROOTS, but hey I can deal with that.

I dealt with nerfs, full class mechanic overhauls, new dungeons, zones, people, leveling to 60, then 70, then 80 and the utterly broken game economy...

But the Lich King killed it. Killed my hope for the game dead. I can't wrap my head around playing in a game you can't win in, in some fashion or another.

I realize that sounds utterly stupid.
"But you can defeat bosses and dungeons and what about the new Argent Crusade stuff?"

The new and improved Argent Crusade is just a drop in the bucket. And you don't really *win*- evil is not stamped out and kicked under a rock.

Maybe if they put some sort of  "Utopia" patch in, something like-
"Yes! Good for you, you killed the Lich King! Here are some new places to explore and people to meet who aren't under some tyrannical rule or another and now you have the choice of joining with (specific done a quest type people) a group of the rival side for quests and such! Have fun!"

You see, I do understand the need for conflict in a game- really, I do! Conflict sells.
But making winning seem so insurmountable, with no real hope available and even once good characters succumbing to evil...
A part of me just feels nauseated at that.

It's not enough we have the LICH KING after our asses, our leaders have to deal with coups too?! WTF? GRRRRR! That questline with the Queen of the Forsaken... It pissed me off. There is ENOUGH BAD SHIT going on without THAT happening too dammit!
At least that had a good ending- and seeing Thrall beat the utter SHITE out of peeps was awesome and TOTALLY gratifying.

Still. The fact that it happened in the first place (although really, with a DEMON as a 2nd in command it was bound to happen eventually) was depressing. The timing was bad.


I'm going to go play HelloKittyIsland now...

Why can't we all just get along?!


Ch 2 the color green

The Color Green, part 2


"YOSH! We should go on a date!"


The words kept spinning around in Gaara's head- almost silencing the (literal) inner demon. He couldn't comprehend the other ninja's exuberance over the whole affair. After all, the last time he had invited an acceptable female for an evening excursion the female in question had simply fallen unconscious. Gaara still didn't particularly understand why, and Kankuro was being stubborn about explaining.


His eyes narrowed in frustration, and several citizens of Konoha stepped out of his way in alarm. He didn't give any of them more than a passing glance. They didn't matter… they had never mattered; and in fact finding that someone did was a shock.


Rock Lee was significant. His thoughts on Gaara were important. It was unnerving, disquieting and impractical. He didn't like it; but the fluttering in his chest and his rapid breathing pattern spoke otherwise. Of course he knew what feelings and emotions were, it was just that he'd never really experienced most of them- until today.


Today, listening to Lee speak, Gaara had felt nervous, he had experienced alarm, but most of all- he had felt shy. Gaara was NEVER shy, about anything!


Except, apparently, his eye color.


He shook his head, tossing his red locks about crazily. No, that wasn't it. Couldn't be it. He paused, head tilted and eyes focused on a spot on the ground. Could it?


Unbidden, Lee's words slipped into his mind's eye: "Because I find you attractive."


He smirked in triumph. Ha! Now it made sense: Gaara had experienced shyness because Rock Lee thought he was attractive. He found he didn't enjoy the emotion, but it was not debilitating ((Sorry Hinata!)) so he magnanimously decided to let the spandex-wearing ninja go unpunished for the transgression. At least now he knew what it was, and could counter its effects if it ever affected his person again. He closed his eyes and nodded serenely, his difficulty deciphered.


Continuing on his way he realized he wasn't quite sure what to actually do on a date with another male. This confused him. He didn't like being confused. He began glaring at the sidewalk again. The empty space around him, which had always been large regardless of if he was in a populated area or not, grew larger. Apparently his alternate glaring and smirking were making others wary of him. This struck him as humorous. He held in his grin- that expression generally precipitated routs. He surmised his laughter would cause a similar happening so he held that in as well.


But the problem of his ignorance continued to bother him. He thought on who would be able to yield the information he needed. Hmmm, I could ask Kankuro- but he sometimes withholds information when he is nervous about the subject. I wonder if this is one of them? It is so hard to tell with him sometimes. I wish he'd simply give me a list like I've asked.


Temari maybe? She did state that I should talk to her if I ever needed to. And she is female- maybe she has been on one of these "date" things. Ugh, this is frustrating.


Blinking at the door to his and his siblings' quarters he ripped himself from his musings and stepped inside. Thankfully Temari was sitting at the small table and chair set the room provided. She looked up as he entered, blond ponytails jerking with her movement.


Closing the door firmly behind him he marched over to her, swiftly sat then stared fiercely into her eyes.


"Is the color of my eyes the 'green of spring'?" That question had been nagging at him from the back of his head ever since the green-clad ninja had uttered it.


She blinked, leaned back in surprise then set the scroll she had been reading down gently. Shaking her head and huffing, she leaned forward, reached for Gaara's face and held him still by his chin. She peered into his eyes for several moments, turning his face once to see how the light caught in his eyes.


"Yes." She raised an eyebrow and let him go. "Do I want to know why you would ask such a thing? It sounds like something the 'Green Beast' would say, and that scares me." She leaned back, folding her arms and held his gaze evenly, tilting her head as she did so.


"Lee said it. He also requested my presence for an evening excursion. I told him I would meet him at 7."


His sister stopped breathing for a moment, and her eyes went wide. "He what? Gaara, that sounds like he asked you out for a date!"


He frowned. Usually she was much quicker than this. "I just said that."


Her left eye twitched. "And… you're going to meet him at 7?" Now her fingers were twitching slightly. It was very distracting.


"Yes. Why are you twitching? I do not sense any dangerous chakra nearby. Are you injured?"


She winced and took a deep breath, hunching over her arms a moment. Straightening she looked him calmly in the eye. "No, I am not injured, simply surprised. He asked you?"

He peered at her, looking closely for any injuries. "Yes. He asked me after I cornered him and interrogated him as to why he has been smiling at me and insisting on my attention. I said yes because I have never been on a 'date,' as it's called. Are you certain you are not injured?" Standing he circled the table and checked her pulse. She was rather pale.


She batted his hand away and gave him a weak smile. "I'm fine, really. So, I assume you want to know what is expected of you for your date, eh?"


He nodded, and satisfied with her physical health sat down again.


She took another deep breath, then launched into an involved explanation of what was expected on a date. It was helpfully instructive.





The Color Green

Ahh spring! The way the flora bloomed and exploded in riotous color always made Lee smile in pure glee. Everything was simply more- intense! And oh, the green- he loved the green of spring.

It really shouldn't have surprised him when he'd become enamored with Gaara's eyes. Honestly, it was so unfair that Gaara had such striking eyes when Lee knew he'd never have half a chance at the taciturn ninja. So, in lieu of getting Gaara himself, Lee settled for doing everything within his "Springtime of Youth!" power to get Gaara to turn those gorgeous, beautiful, oh-so-green eyes in his direction.

He'd been doing such odd and constantly non-threatening actions that Gaara had given up ignoring him and had taken to simply staring at him to get him to stop his weird exploits.

Lee was thrilled with this development. He couldn't stop smiling! But evidently his constant grinning left Gaara a bit… twitchy. After a while Gaara had an impressive 'personal bubble' due to his Sand snaking out and hissing at anyone who came too close. Which was about 20 feet, give or take- even his siblings weren't coming any closer to him.

Finally, after weeks of this, Gaara cornered him and asked the question that had obviously been plaguing him.

"Why do you keep smiling at me like that?"

Lee stared at him, taking in his tense stance, the way his fingers flexed and clenched against his forearm and his narrowed coal-lined eyes. He wilted a bit, sinking against the wall behind him for support. He doesn't look happy with me at all- and he is very good at telling when others are lying… I would have liked to experience my first kiss before I died though. Ah well. He coughed a bit then straightened, holding Gaara's gaze with his own.

"Because I find you attractive and your eyes even more so. They are the green of spring and I like looking at them!"

The Sand, which had slowly winding around Gaara's feet, froze. So did Gaara, and for a moment everything fell silent.

"You find me attractive?" It was the first time Lee had ever heard Gaara sound close to timid.

Lee nodded quickly. Gaara blinked, his stance relaxing minutely.

"You… like looking at my eyes?" This time his voice seemed very confused.

Lee gave a shaky grin and held out his arm in a thumbs up.

"Yosh! They are very delightful to look at!"

The Sand retreated to the gourd on Gaara's back and Lee relaxed a bit more, hoping the immediate danger was over. Gaara gave him an appraising look.

"Most find it unnerving when I stare at them like you insist upon. But you smile at me when I do. You are the only one who does so." He tapped his fingers against his sleeve, brows drawn together in thought. "I am unsure as to what is expected of me now. Kankuro explained to me once of courtship, but that was with the assumption the other would be female and so is unsuitable for our current situation." His piercing eyes pinned Lee against the wall. "Do you know what our next action should be for our courtship?"

It wasn't often Lee was shocked speechless. He stared at the other ninja, a half-baked plan forming. Inwardly Lee was dancing and screaming in joy and wonder. Courtship! He said COURTSHIP! He wants to- and suddenly the 'half-baked plan' became a full Shinobi-style S-Ranked Mission.

He grinned, eyes glinting in the sunlight and moved into the Good Guy Pose.

"YOSH! We should go on a date!"

Gaara considered for a moment, then gave a slow, measured nod.

"Agreed. Tonight at seven. I will pick you up and we will decide where to go then." He abruptly turned around and walked away,
presumably back to his quarters in the village.

Lee felt like singing.

He had a date!

With Gaara of the Desert!

Oh yes, Rock Lee loved spring.



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